With 31 years in this art printing and installation business, we’ve had a lot of happy customers. We’re always thrilled when we look back at the variety of ideas and inspirations that we’ve helped become a reality. From faith-based clients to commercial businesses and educational institutions, we grow and learn from every job we complete. Every installation is a learning opportunity, and we’re glad to have clients who have allowed us to see their spaces differently.

We are extremely pleased with the results! The feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. A big thank you to the ColorLab team for their quick and efficient action in bringing this project to life. It was a fantastic team effort involving ColorLab, Emanate, our skilled installation crew, and our partners at TD SYNNEX. Your collaboration and expertise were instrumental in the success of this project.

Janis Hodgins


We’re absolutely delighted with the work done at Perfect Buns. The window design is stunning, and the tiled wall is a masterpiece – it looks incredibly real! A resounding bravo to the whole team for such fantastic work. We greatly appreciate the talent and dedication shown by everyone at ColorLab. Our sincere thanks go out to the entire team for their exceptional efforts.

Jen Stilwell

Auro Hotels

We want to extend a huge thank you to the ColorLab installation team for their outstanding work. Their professionalism, friendliness, efficiency, and attention to detail, especially in cleaning up, were exceptional and truly set them apart. We’re so grateful for their willingness to come all the way to Asheville for this project. The finished product is stunning, and we’re confident the client will be overjoyed. We’re looking forward to more collaborations and are excited about the potential for future projects. A big thank you once again to the team for their incredible work and for helping foster a great partnership.

Alexa Soler

Barringer Construction

ColorLab is our go-to for high-quality products. Their exceptional standards and service make them a top choice for our needs. We consistently prioritize working with them whenever possible, confident in their ability to deliver excellence every time.

Jay Campbell

FedEx Office

Good news from our end – the client was extremely pleased with the outcome, and the project received a positive review. A heartfelt thank you to the ColorLab team for their invaluable assistance in bringing this project to fruition. Your support and expertise were key to its success.

Christina Strayer


We want to express our deep appreciation for ColorLab’s outstanding work. The mock-ups consistently impress us with their excellent quality, and the team’s reliability in meeting our needs has been exceptional. A big thank you to everyone involved. Your dedication and skill are truly valued and make a significant difference.

Curtis Newman

Cleva North America

The signs we commissioned for the downtown area are fantastic! ColorLab did an exceptional job with both the creation and installation. The quality of work and attention to detail by the team were remarkable. We’re thrilled with the outcome!

Keith Baxter

Compassion Christian Church

We recently completed a project with ColorLab and are excited to share some installation pictures. The team did an incredible job, and the results are simply loved by all involved! It’s a testament to ColorLab’s skill and dedication to quality.

Carson Cole

Young Office

I want to express my immense satisfaction with ColorLab’s installation of aftermarket rally stripes on my new car. The work is outstanding, and I couldn’t be happier with the result – my car looks truly impressive! I wholeheartedly recommend ColorLab to anyone looking for top-notch work. Feel free to use the attached pictures as a testament to your excellent craftsmanship.

Steven Holscher

We are absolutely amazed by the elevators’ transformation – it’s the coolest thing ever! ColorLab’s work has left us in awe. The level of craftsmanship and creativity displayed is truly outstanding.

Jason Warren

Greenville High Academy

I want to express my extreme satisfaction with the quality and quantity of work delivered by the ColorLab team. Numerous comments have poured in about how great the results look. Notably, a thorough inspection of the film has revealed no imperfections, which is truly exceptional. My heartfelt thanks go out to your team for their meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and thorough clean-up after completing the project.


Nelson Mullins

We’re pleased to share a picture of the Michelin Wall at the Anderson Institute of Technology, and it looks fantastic! We want to express our gratitude to ColorLab for their invaluable assistance in bringing this project to life. Thank you for your contribution to its success.


mcmillan | pazdan | smith

We’re thrilled to report that everything at the project site looks exceptional! The community and client have been raving about it. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the ColorLab team for their invaluable support and outstanding work.

Lauren Fabin

Jumper Carter Sease Architects

Another impressive success, thanks to ColorLab. I absolutely love it, and the folks in IE share the same sentiment. Your team never fails to deliver outstanding results. Please extend my sincere thanks to the installers, who received high praise from members of Freeman Hall as well. Thank you!


Clemson - College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

We’re delighted with how well the value boards turned out! Your installer went above and beyond, and we truly appreciate the exceptional quality of your work. It’s always a pleasure doing business with ColorLab. Thank you for consistently delivering outstanding results!

Kristina Roach

Hope Church

We extend our heartfelt thanks to ColorLab for their invaluable assistance in bringing The Boxcar Children Exhibit to life. We’re delighted with the exhibit’s outcome and eagerly look forward to creating an enriching experience for families visiting the museum in the upcoming months.

Emily Bowie Sobeski


We have complete trust in ColorLab! Thank you for everything you’ve done. Your work has been truly exceptional, and we greatly appreciate it.

Jon Blair

Scan Source

Take it from us, for any Greenville projects, or indeed any projects, I’m a big fan of ColorLab.

Alyssa Allen

SouthPark Interiors, LLC

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